Where to Buy Local Beef in all 50 States

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  1. Bingham Beef says:

    Hi Jessie, thanks for making this list! Awesome! We ship to all 50 states if you don’t mind adding that part. Thanks!

  2. Thank you for this list. We have been using Cross O Meats for about 8 months and are loving the service, brand and MEAT. Who knew meat could taste so good. Now, on top of that we have new friends with huge hearts.

  3. […] Regardless of our current “want” list, I am really passionate about working towards feeding more cattle out to provide our local friends and families with nutritious and delicious beef for their freezer. As we live in times where our supply chain is uncertain, it is an extremely comforting feeling when you open your freezer door or lid and see a couple hundred pounds of beef in a variety of cuts sitting there. It is an added bonus that you shook the hand of the person who raised the calf. If this idea seems novel to you and you don’t live in the same region as I do, check out Jessie Jarvis’ amazing resource where she has listed where you can buy beef direct in all 50 States. […]

  4. Julie Clark says:

    Thank you for providing this valuable information!

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