When I was putting together this website, I remember writing “WHAT IS MY PURPOSE?” at the top of the page. I was hoping that my fingertips would magically type out some monumental, perfect-sounding phrase to kick things off. After what felt like hours of staring at a blank page, here’s what I typed…

about Jessie

I want to be a trusted resource and a friend to women in the western industry.

I looked at the sentence and thought to myself, 

“A friend? Really? You’ve been sitting here for a good hour, and that’s all you can come up with?”. 

While it wasn’t the monumental phrase I was envisioning, it’s what I’m sticking with. Why? Sometimes a “friend” is all we’re looking for. We want someone we can relate to. We want someone we can talk to because they “just get it”. We want to listen to someone share their struggles so that for a moment of time, we don’t have to worry about our own. 

So here I am, as your friend. Your cheerleader. Your social media shoulder to cry on. Your go-to girl when you’ve got a question, but don’t know who to turn to.

When it comes to the fashionable side of life, I believe that a girl looks the best when she feels the best—and while clothes can definitely aid in that, confidence is the key. I’m not someone who was naturally confident in life, and it’s something I’ve really worked on over the last decade. Once I realized how to love myself and be thankful for what makes me unique, my life truly bloomed.

As far as my personal style goes. I would describe it as a cross between Dale Evans and Carrie Bradshaw, with a little Karen Fairchild sprinkled in for good measure. I’m a sucker for melding classic old west staples with modern pieces together to create the perfect bit of “modern day western woman”. 

When I’m not busy with Of The West or ranch activities, you can often find me chasing Jhett and Jaxyn or starting a new project (much to the dismay of Justin). 

"Once I realized how to love myself and be thankful for what makes me unique, my life truly bloomed."

Here’s the actual nitty-gritty about me, in case that’s what you came here for. 

I’m Jessie (I think we’ve established that by now). I’m a wife to Justin, and a mom to two kids, Jhett and Jaxyn. 

We live in Idaho where we ranch. Justin and I come from eight generations worth of Idaho ranchers, so to say it’s in our blood is probably an understatement. 

Naturally, we’re big fans of beef, but we don’t discriminate against other meat options (as long as they weren’t developed in a Petrie dish). What we love even more than beef is the ability for people to have food choices, because we believe that all of agriculture’s production methods have an important place on the dinner table. 

In addition to raising cattle, I also have over a decade’s worth of experience in print and digital media, both writing for and producing various agriculture and western fashion publications. 

In 2021, my husband and I launched Of The West, a job platform that connects job seekers and employers within the agriculture and western industries. Since it's launch, Of The West has helped hundreds of companies find their next employee, and has also been recognized as the 'Official Job Platform' of the American Quarter Horse Association, National Cutting Horse Association, and Miss Rodeo America Inc. 

Jessie Jarvis


Justin and I have known each other since we were 4 years old, but we never started dating until we were 22. 

I gave up chocolate, candy and all forms of dessert for Lent, in 2010. Lent came and went, and I’ve never had anything of the sort since then.

In 2002, I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes.

I’m a sucker for a good glass of red wine.

Sharing the best of life out west!

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