Jessie is a wife, mother, third-generation rancher, podcast host, and the Founder + CEO of Of The West.

She was born and raised on her family’s cattle ranch in Southern Idaho, which at an early age, instilled in her a deep appreciation for the American West.

about Jessie JARVIS

Jessie's superpower
is connecting. 

Connecting people with people. 
Connecting people with answers. 
Connecting people to solutions. 
Connecting people with encouragement. 
Connecting people with conversation.

PODCAST HOST, Entrepreneur

That desire to connect people, and her unmatched passion for the ag + western industries is what led Jessie to create Of The West, a job platform built specifically for the two industries. Since it's launch in 2021, Of The West has helped hundreds of companies find their next employee, and has also been recognized as the 'Official Job Platform' of the American Quarter Horse Association, National Cutting Horse Association, and Miss Rodeo America Inc.

Of The West is also home to a sister platform, Directory Of The West, a creative directory specifically designed to connect people with industry freelancers, creatives, and experts. Through The Directory, you can find top notch talent who can help you execute a project, speak to your members, market your products, bring your vision to life, and so much more. These talented professionals have businesses rooted in ag + western. They understand what you do, because they do it, too.

Jessie is also the host of Leaders Of The West, a top-ranked podcast for innovators and change-makers in the ag and western industries. The podcast’s mission is to foster a community of pioneers, innovators, and leaders who want to be at the forefront of what’s next. Leaders Of The West has ranked as high as #3 on Apple Podcasts Career’s chart, and in the Top 50 in both Apple Podcasts and Spotify’s Business charts.

Jessie and her husband, Justin, have two children (Jhett and Jaxyn), and are working to carry on the legacies of their family ranching operations. While they’re proud beef enthusiasts, what they love even more than beef is the ability for people to have food choices, because they believe that all of agriculture’s production methods have an important place on the dinner table. 

Whether it’s helping someone find their next job or employee, creating deep, relatable conversation via a podcast episode, speaking on stage, or sharing glimpses of their life online, Jessie’s goal is to create an atmosphere for conversation and connection, in an effort to ensure that the ag + western industries are here for the next generation(s).

I'm here to share life as a rancher, my love for the
ag + western industries, and cheer you on as you chase your dreams. 


Whether you're looking for a creative collaboration, needing insight on making a career change or hiring employees, or looking for someone to speak to your audience, she's your girl. 



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